Initiate 2021 Mid-Year Retreat

Initiate 2021 Mid-Year Retreat

Collectively. We. Are. 

Hanging in the Dangle.

We meet mid-year to reflect on the last six months and vision what we want to bring forward the rest of the year. Summer is the time of fruit, so what you planted at the Initiate Retreat in December moved into fruition...what needs tweaking? What needs to be let go? 

We meet and play with the doodles prior to the Gemini New Moon and Summer Solstice. It's the season of full blown flowering. What's in full bloom in your creative life, ready to be seen?

Here’s what I do know….

Focus on the joy.
Focus on the way forward.
Activate joy. Any bit of joy. Keep returning to joy.
5 seconds. 5 minutes. 5 house. Build your joy muscle.
If you have a vision…. let’s activate it.
Dance it. Drum it. Write it.

Create an altar to that vision. Put joy into it.

The little bits of joy that your vision will bring you.
And if we all focus on those bits of joy, large and small…
then we’ll create a forward momentum.
Personally. Collectively.

The planetary energies are magnified in 2021...

For the first time in 28 years, Saturn is in Aquarius.
For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter is in Aquarius.
For the first time in 615 years Jupiter and Saturn had a meet-up called a conjunction- aka meetup-starting a NEW business cycle.
One of innovation.

If 65% of us are visual learners + your brain processes 60,000 times faster than reading text, then it's time to doodle your way into 2021. In this 4-Hour Session with the Doodle Workbook we're going to review what's working and make adjustments where needed, so you can finish off 2021 strong.

Includes the downloadable 26-page Doodle Workbook PDF (I've done the doodles for you).

Connect to what your heart longs to share with clients. Let your weirdness shine. . .

Tell your story, without blame, shame or judgment.

Build a business that reflects YOUR heart’s knowing.
Understand this will unfold and shift over time.

What Clients are saying...

“Yes, yes and a million times yes.
Last year’s set me on a wonder-filled path for this year.”- Valerie

“This was so much fun. Could have gone on for hours more. Love the group energy and synergy. Thank you all for your contributions. Michele Grace, many thanks for holding the sacred container and asking the most divinely spot on questions.”- Charlene

“The secret sauce to your Initiate Retreat, Michele Grace, is creating the space for us to step in, unload, and sift through our stuff. While some of us were cleared for takeoff by the process, some of us are still sifting. And that’s okay. All ways work. LOVE your way AND your work, thank you!!” - Christine

3 Modules

The Dead Wood Ritual

This is a letting go ritual... use this when you feel stuck and/or want a shift in your life. It's an excellent ritual to do:

  • Prior to the Initiate Retreat.
  • About to learn something new.
  • When you are healing or working with a healer? Do this ritual. ;)

Mid-Year Doodle Video | Workbook | Audio

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