Spring 2021 Long Distance Healing Lab

Spring 2021 Long Distance Healing Lab

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Next session: April 10th through May 8th.

What is long distance healing?

Long distance healing is working with a client remotely, collaborating with source...it works. It's a modality I've worked with for close to three decades. There isn't any certification, your sincere desire creates the heart path. You can work with what I'm going to teach and take the skills out into your community. 

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Let's jump in! May I suggest doing the Dead Wood Ritual. Especially if you've had some experiences in a group setting that didn't work for you. What is ready to be released?

What am I making way for?

Leaping Meryl

Week 2: Setting up the Healing Triad® Session

I felt myself prodding to go even deeper into the hidden facets of feng shui and space clearing. I began to realize that beneath the techniques I was teaching there was a vast inner realm of the soul- the soul of the client and the soul of the practitioner. I began to move more and more into ‘soul work.’ - Denise Linn

Long Distance Exchange

Week 3: Finding Your Way

Week 4: Marketing for Healers

each time I teach this it's channeled for those who are there...meaning the content is different.

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