Rise and Shine

Rise & Shine

Let's give them something to talk about! is a 5-week immersion that helps you understand and activate your own personal astrology; how to use it in life and business. It's my signature system, that I've worked with personally for over 20 years. 

It's literally Alchemy in Action using your Astrological Signature to unlock the GOLD.

Gold = Your Sun sign which holds the key along with three other archetypes in your chart. These are wisdom teachers, that have been waiting for you to see and hear them.

Are you ready? 

Let's ACTIVATE the myth + story within your birth chart
by using it for empowerment, healing and problem solving.
Yes it's about story and art.

Yes we'll be playing with scissors, paper and glue using the SoulCollage® process
and you don't have to know astrology or be an artist to get this.
I promise.

Let's Invoke more clarity and amp up your intuitive abilities.
Where have I lost power living life?
and how can you restore it with ease and grace. 

Did you know there are times of the year to make Big Choices?

There are Daily and Monthly choices.

Did you know these choices are encoded into your Birth Chart?
And within your birth chart is the encoding to Rise & Shine!

I'll share some new tools to
Unlock creativity like never before, and even the intuitive language
to attract the clients you are meant to serve.

Unlocking the brilliance that is YOU.

Astrology is about feeling and activating your awareness.
Mission Possible are the marching orders you elected
when you LANDED on Earth.
Into a reality that is very unconsciousness.

Working with your life experiences
we’ll activate the Oracle energy within you.
Because society DOES NOT support the mystical,
we’ve given the practical more weight and
discounted your own knowing.

And at some point you may have decided
to stay with the pack, make yourself really small.
To not stand out.

This GREAT WORK is not for the faint of heart.
It's not for you if you want to stay stuck in drama/trauma.
It is for you if you want to play.

I create awesome community. Have for over 20 years.
There is something magical that happens when you step through
the doorway of my work. So join me.

Does this offer feel light?
Then it's a YES!

Will this course create more in your life 5 years from now?
Then it's a YES!

If you are confused, then go outside and be with Nature. Journal. Sleep on it.

Bigness = Infinite Being = Greater Self

Using shamanic wisdom and the tools extensively in both my personal life and coaching practice. I've witnessed HUGE shifts in my clients and students. Along with paying off a $10,000 coaching debt.

More creativity. More intuition. More Ease. More Money.
What else is possible?

5 Modules

Start here

Why do this work?
Shamanic Astrology

The Moon

The Emotional Connection.
How the Moon reflects your Clients
Your Body of Work

The Sun

The Brilliance of You
CEO. King. Queen. 
Your Body of Work

The Rising Sign

Taking off the Mask.
Putting it all together.


Your Hero's Journey
The Blessing Field

Modules for this course 5
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