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Doodle your Passions Course

If 65% of us are visual learners + your brain processes 60,000 times faster than reading text, then it's time to doodle your passions and find the joy.

Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn Jupiter on December 7th for the first time in 12 years! What does that mean for you in life and business?

I help you understand the upcoming astrological cycles and how to best work with them in your business. In plain common sense language that stops the confusion and allows you to access your creative gifts in a brighter and bolder way. More joy!  

In this module I'm going to teach you how to work with the energy....

Those born with Jupiter in Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and Cancer you’ll want to take note. Even so there is an ask for all of us with Jupiter's movement....

Jupiter is an expansive creative energy, creating with WILD abandon it’s the archetype of the Teacher, philosopher. respond and be responsible.​

What does Jupiter in Capricorn mean for you? Let's Doodle...

2020 Initiate Retreat

Doodles to design your year!

It's a 4-hour virtual retreat that you can attend Live Saturday December 7th or work through at your own pace.

<< oops! I said January 7th  on the video >>

Get the Recordings + 25-Page Doodle PDF

Connect to what your heart longs to share with clients.
Let your weirdness shine. . .


if you can’t make the live session work one module a day.

Connect to what your heart longs to share with clients.
Let your weirdness shine. . .

Tell your story, without blame, shame or judgment.

build a business that reflects YOUR heart’s knowing.
Understanding this will unfold and shift over time.

Inspire others through your presence to work with you.
Decide to “Go be seen by choice, not by chance.”

Doodle with Michele Grace
As one Vision*Keeper put it…

“Yes, yes and a million times yes.
Last year’s set me on a wonder-filled path for this year.”

It’s that powerful.

It’s planning for those who love thinking outside the box.


2020 Aries New Moon

Aries rules “sov·er·eign·ty”

The art of knowing who you are. Knowing your truth (your wound), your worth and from that place you create magic.


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