Rituals & Doodle Prompts for Everyday Life

Sharing some of my most favorite doodles and journaling prompts.... to help move you into action and restore creativity.

  • Pluto in Aquarius Doodle Prompt
  • Healer Hide & Seek: a Journal Prompt for Healers in Business
  • The Dead Wood Ritual

Disclaimer: Information posted on and provided by this site is intended for educational and support purposes only. It's not a substitute for therapy provided by your own mental health professional.

4 Modules

2008-2024 Find your fav oracle deck and....

  • Find your Favorite Oracle Deck
  • Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024)
  • Honoring the path to here

All things Pluto

  • Why track do I want to track Pluto
  • More Pluto
  • The Ask of Pluto in Aquarius 2024-2044

The Dead Wood Ritual

This is a letting go ritual... use this when you feel stuck and/or want a shift in your life. It's an excellent ritual to do:

  • Prior to or on the New Moon.
  • About to learn something new.
  • When you are healing or working with a healer.
Modules for this course 4
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