Rise & Shine Meditations

Here I share what this course is about. (Audio Version):

Along the way you may have studied with many wonderful gifted human guides and teachers...

You want to share the medicine- gifts, talents and capacities you carry- with the communities you serve. That's why you invest in yourself. However we're all human.

When the shadow comes into play there are unconscious, hidden agendas and agreements that operate. Once you leave the sphere of influence with the community and/or the teacher|coach|mentor it's hard to get traction.

  • I've worked with clients who invested thousands of dollars then found themselves hard put to create new pathways in their business.
  • I've worked with clients who experienced shame and bullying... by the teacher | coach | mentor and/or in their mastermind groups.
  • I've worked with Teachers|Clients|Mentors who were bullied by their students|clients and then had trouble creating and being seen again.
  • and then there's the attack that happens when something you post goes viral and you are shamed on social media 

This trauma|drama leaves energetic scars; throwing more money at it through another coaching program is not the answer.

Where am I stopped at the gate of creativity?

Whose energy is holding me hostage?

As a shamanic teacher and mentor whose specialty is curse breaking and soul retrieval clients come to me saying...

I haven't been the same since...

  • studying with that professor, teacher, mentor, coach.
  • I was in her mastermind group and things went wonky.
  • invested in that program and was mentored by __________.
  • I led a mastermind group, one student became the instigator, truth is I've never fully recovered.
  • my intellectual property was stolen and now I can't get traction.
  • my creativity, the mojo I had can't be found.

This drama/trauma is a form of soul loss that entrepreneurs encounter along the way and I want help you clear the path forward so you can create magic in your business once again.

This series of activations will help you recover bits of yourself lost along the way.... connected to creativity and money. The meditations are designed specifically to release energy and hidden contracts- vows|curses|fealties aka thought forms- that may be holding you back from your Bigness in life and business.

What clients are sharing...

For some time now, I've been closing many doors to the past - obligations to harmful relationships, unhealthy ways of being in the world, blindly believing lies handed down to me through the generations, and unfulfilling ways of using precious life energy.  

The completion work was potent. I felt the visceral release in my organs during and after the meditation! Michele Grace offers a ceremony, which for me, felt like a rite of passage acknowledging the harm done and wisdom gleaned from taking on untruths. The whole experience felt safe allowing me to step boldly where I've been too afraid to go before - back to me and free from shame.
- Yasmin Zaman B.H.(Hons.) PGCE

Thanks so much for everything you have done, that session was powerful. You are amazing at the curse stuff and all that. I've been blessed with your work and getting closer to my goal I set in the Initiate Retreat in December of having 12 new clients. I know I could not have gotten here without all your support and help. Our work together has been life changing and soul nourishing. I'm so grateful for you in my world. - Monica Kenton, shaman and dream teacher

I fell asleep and don’t remember everything that happened during the meditation (note: this is a deep form of healing). I woke up knowing that there was a weight being lifted from my shoulders, a weight I didn’t even consciously know was there. Not only was the weight lifted but a cord was cut leaving me feeling a new found sense of freedom. Thank you!
- Maria Mouskou, creativity coach

During the meditation an awareness arose on how a curse between the teacher and myself assured that I’d stay small and hidden. To survive. There's a greater detachment; where before I might turn to an earthly teacher for a question, now I tune into the spiritual realm. To receive my own answers. That is really the biggest awareness. Time to walk my own path, guided by my celestial teachers. Instead of looking for approval from the “usual sources“. That shift is still ongoing. Knitting the string brought me immediate clarity. I feel very calm and grounded. More to come as each day passes. The meditation left me feeling more centered within myself and also more liberated. A free agent, now. I highly recommend it.  -Wiebke Hansen, Business Whisperer

4 Modules

Meditation 2 Completion Meditation

  • How to set up the meditation.
  • Aftercare suggestions

The Dead Wood Ritual

  • Aftercare
  • Deadwood Ritual
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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