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New for 2023! Doodle your Passions 4.0

How am I called to be a REBEL with a cause? How can I out create myself using the Jupiter as a guide? In this free journal prompt you get insights about YOUR personal Jupiter theme for 2023.

Jupiter rules expansion, the midas touch. Aries connects you to your inner warrior/maverick energy. What wants to be revealed? Around creativity and money?

Sign up today, watch the video and start playing in the doodles. No drawing skills required...I do the doodles for you!

Compassionate Spirit Release Course (Pre-Recorded)

In the Compassionate Spirit Release Course you will learn how to diagnose and remedy foreign energy, energetic cords, and intentional and unintentional curses. You will also discover the role that negative thoughtforms play in compounding shamanic illness, as well as the difference between feeling and sending emotions. Finally you will be taught ways to remain sovereign in body and mind so you can do your healing work in the world in a joyful way.

The Money Story Course-Pre-Recorded

We all have a money story to share; we want to serve, create abundance and do good things with the money we make. And you may find yourself stuck, in resistance and don't know why.

What is your sacred relationship to money?  What does it feel like to create from joy?  What is the ask of money? 

In this course we’ll explore the meaning of money in your business life and how that translates into creativity and joy.

1:1 Signature Strategy Session with Michele Grace

What medicine do you carry? I’ll help you figure it out…. What would it be like to have more ease as you leap into the next possibility with your business? 

Initiate 2023 Planning Retreat

Review. Renew. Initiate!

Doodles to Design Your Year:  4-hour virtual planning retreat for those who love thinking outside the box. There's a sliding scale pricing for this event. Click the link "learn more" link to register.

Pondering? Not sure?  Check out the offer details here.

Is Initiate 2023 right for you? I created a doodle prompt to help you decide: 

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