The Money Story Course-Pre-Recorded

We all have a money story to share; we want to serve, create abundance and do good things with the money we make.

And sometimes we find ourselves stuck, in resistance and don't know why. What is your sacred relationship to money?  Would you like to…

  • Experience a shift in your relationship with money.
  • Understand how money is related to your family legacy.
  • Heal patterns and soul loss around money.
  • Increase your positive energy and renew your creativity

In this pre-recorded 3-week course you'll reawaken your connection to creativity; and learn how to work with the spirit of money and your business. Work through the modules at your own pace.

It helps to have foundational skills in journeywork, being able to connect with source and bring back healing solutions.

Journeying is an ancient strategy for personal learning, using normally neglected or hidden potentialities of heart, mind and spirit. In this workshop Michele Grace introduces you to the shamanic journey - exploring the world's behind our eyes.

Modules for this course 4
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