Spring 2021 Compassionate Spirit Release Course

Spring 2021 Compassionate Spirit Release Course

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Next session: May 6th through June 3rd.

What is this about?

In this course you will learn how to diagnose and remedy foreign energy, energetic cords, and intentional and unintentional curses.

You will also discover the role that negative thoughtforms play in compounding shamanic illness, as well as the difference between feeling and sending emotions. Finally you will be taught ways to remain sovereign in body and mind so you can do your healing work in the world in a joyful way.

There isn't any certification, your sincere desire creates the heart path. You can work with what I'm going to teach and take the skills out into your community. 

11 Modules

Start Here:

Let's jump in! May I suggest doing the Dead Wood Ritual. Especially if you've had some experiences in a group setting that didn't work for you. What is ready to be released?

Listen to the True Self Meditation audio until you feel solid and anchored in your True Self.

What am I making way for?

Week 2: Curse Breaking & Lineages

Our Ancestors do not dwell in the past, they dwell inside our brains as well as every cell of our bodies. By giving our predecessors a place of honor in our hearts, we are acknowledging the gifts that have been given to us by them. No matter what definition you choose to identify your ancestors, finding ways to honor them can empower that place in yourself where your spirit dwells. - Denise Linn

Week 3: Cords. Clearings. Shells.

Exchange: 3-Hour Practice

HomePlay Energetic Clearing

Week 4: Space Clearing & Healing the Land

  the content will post 24-48 hours after the session

Week 5: Wrap up and Marketing

Thursday Dates + Zoom Details

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