January 2024 Distill Yourself

In this course we're going to focus on the power of your presence online...

This is for those of you who are just starting out as well as those who need a refresh on their online presence.

As a Waymaker (yes you!) over the 10 days we're going to TEND to your online presence. 

In this course you’ll work with story, symbol and image that tells your soul's aligned story. Highlighting and activating what you came to teach and share with your clients and students.

Currently the Distill Yourself Course is in Beta Mode, where I'm creating and testing the content with clients. I'll be offering one more round of this in January of 2024.

12 Modules

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Let's get started....

Day 1 Intro+ Grounding + Playing in Portals

Grounding the work

Day 2 The Moon aka the ask of your clients

Water: The Emotional Connection.
How the Moon reflects your Clients
Your Body of Work

Day 3 What lights me UP?

The Fire within

Day 4 Sharing the Spark

Sharing the Spark

Day 5 Catch-Up Aura

Finding my Vision

Day 7 Waymaking

Become the Waymaker

Day 8 Wrap up

No assignment today. Come to the call and I'll share next steps.

Modules for this course 12
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