Doodle your Passions 3.0

If 65% of us are visual learners + your brain processes 60,000 times faster than reading text, then it's time to doodle your passions and find the joy.

Jupiter, the archetype of the Teacher, asks "what are you ready to release into the world with your gifts, talents and capacities?" He enters Pisces on December 28th, 2021 and stays for 1 year.

Jupiter expands.

I'll help you understand the upcoming astrological cycles and how to best work with them in your business. In plain common sense language that stops the confusion and allows you to access your creative gifts in a brighter and bolder way. More joy!  

In this module I'm going to teach you how to work with Jupiter's energy....

Those born with Jupiter in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius you’ll want to take note. If you're born with a Sun | Moon | Rising Sign take note. Even so there is an ask for all of us with Jupiter's movement....

Jupiter is an expansive creative energy, creating with WILD abandon it’s the archetype of the Teacher, philosopher. respond and be responsible.​

In this course I provide the doodles, you bring the color pens and markers. No more lined's time to play with Jupiter as your cosmic guide.

Here's what happened for one doodler:

OMG! I had an epic dream I'm titling "The Cosmic Playground."  I saw my creation and ally, Sparkles, the Number Queen flying through the air in the cosmos. She was wild, free, fun, and flinging sparkles everywhere.  I did the Jupiter in Pisces pdf that Michele Grace Lessirard gave us yesterday. In it there was a lot about being able to do things from 12 years ago.

OMG.  What an activation Michele Grace!

In my dream, I saw stuff I was doing years ago. I haven't given it up in my heart and soul, but I took it off websites and everything. All around sacred time. I had a powerful dream called Cosmic Playground years ago as well. 
I forget how the work we do activates the receiver. So, the work I share activates others as well with the energy I have. I had fun making the pom pom creation I shared with you all last week in the Initiate: 2022. Sparkles, the number queen. Well, all she needed was me to honor her in fun.

I know I'm going to get more downloads on the numerology program I will be offering in January. That's the beauty of teaching.  We always learn more. Sparkles is rocking the universe. I feel this is epic.  Things are popping.  I'm still wildly jazzed from the dream and that was 45 minutes ago I woke up. 

Time for more cosmic play.  It's going to be a wild ride.  

Thanks Michele Grace for infusing the play, joy and fun in everything you do.  
I'm beyond excited.  
It's cosmic!!!!!!!

Insights from my client Monica Kenton, Dream Teacher, Writer, Spiritual Advisor, after doing the journal prompt Doodle your Passions 3.0

1 Module

Let's get started

Thank you for being here and opting in. I'm honored.

I started using astrology in my life to heal and empower; the cycles helped me understand where I lost power in living life and then course correct.

You don't have to know astrology or even your chart details, allow what is shared to unfold. Watch the video, play with in the doodles. Asking....

This year what is Jupiter's message in my life and business?

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